Yogi Superhero Books

Soothing, lyrical stories – walking children through yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques because even Superheroes need to keep fit and rested!

Each book can be read standalone.

Creating brighter and calmer future, one child at the time.

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Yogi Superhero – received 5 star seal from Reader’s Favorite Sep 2020

Yogi Superhero Adventures in Nature – Forest – won a bronze medal in “Living Now” Book Awards 2020 in children’s picture book category.

Yogi Superhero Time to Rest – received 5 star seal from Reader’s Favorite Sep 2020

Created by Anna Smithers

Illustrated by Martyna Nejman. For more info visit https://martynanejman.wixsite.com/ilustrator-portfolio

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Editorial Reviews:

Yogi Superhero Book: Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Yogi Superhero: The Yogi Superhero Series is an educational picture book for children written by Anna Smithers and illustrated by Martyna Nejman. The Yogi Superhero program forms the basis for this book and is designed to introduce yogic philosophy, breathing, and movements to young readers. Yogi Superheroes are beings of “love and light.” Their yoga movements make them one with nature and let them appreciate stillness and inner quiet. Sometimes, their minds are too busy with thoughts and negative emotions to fully relax and feel inner peace. At those times, there are special breathing exercises that help restore tranquillity. Martyna Nejman’s illustrations are fabulous and work so well to convey the sense of love, peace, and being at one with the universe that is the core of yogic philosophy. The Yogi Superhero Series is most highly recommended.

Yogi Superhero Time to Rest: Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


Yogi Superhero Time to Rest is a children’s educational/health and fitness picture book. How does a Yogi Superhero recharge and relax with so many things to do and so many adventures to be had? Caregivers who are familiar with relaxation techniques will appreciate how easily those techniques can be adapted for use with children. There are so many options for making use of this excellent introduction to relaxation for children. Yogi Superhero Time to Rest is a grand introduction to relaxation techniques that should be on every young yogi and caregiver’s bookshelf. It’s most highly recommended.


Anna Smithers has beautifully crafted a magical journey into relaxation and body-mind awareness. This book is a must have for any parent, or professional, wanting to bring wonder and calm to young people.

Dr Lana Jackson (Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Therapist specialising in Child and Family Mental Health – www.drlanajackson.co.uk)


Anna Smithers beautifully expresses the positive benefits of Yoga Nidra for children in this captivating story of relaxation and connection. 

Nicole Zimbler (Head Trainer and Founder of Yotism: Inspiring Harmony in Autism – www.yotism.com)