Arrange an author visit

Bringing a writer into your school is a great way to inspire children and bring reading to life. With Anna’s book there is an opportunity to introduce yoga, mindfulness and relaxation to children and impact their well-being. No mats are needed, just a carpeted space for children to sit. Basic poses are inclusive and easy to follow. Kids are always excited about becoming part of the Yogi Superhero adventure!

Plan your school’s event

  • Identify your aims: Do you want to increase enthusiasm for reading, writing? Or maybe you would like to organise a day of mindfulness with Yogi Superhero adventure?
  • Think about the format: Would you like Anna to share her work with the whole school, answer questions, or run a workshop with a smaller group?

How to prepare for your author’s visit

  • Practical arrangements: Make sure Anna has all the practical advice she will need well in advance, such as a map, useful contact details, start and finish times, information about your school, and transport details.
  • Prepare your pupils: Read and discuss Anna’s books and build up excitement around the visit. Make sure you have her books available in the library, and invite children to design posters or book covers to create displays. Or maybe come up with new Yogi Superhero adventures?
  • Books to buy: You may want to organise books for children to purchase and have signed on the day. Contact Anna for all the arrangements, she can provide books to sell on the day.

What to do on the day of the event

  • Meet and greet: Be available to greet Anna when she arrives. Introduce her around the staff room and ensure you factor in time for a cup of tea or coffee.

How to follow up after the event

  • Talk to your class: Discuss the visit and what your students enjoyed most. You may like to write individual or class letters to thank the author.
  • Share with your colleagues: Discuss your experiences: what might you do differently next time? Who might you like to invite to visit in future?

For any questions contact Anna through contact form.