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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day!

To celebrate have a look at the new reading of the book! Full of wonder and sound effects 🙂 Enjoy!

Also, only today paperbacks in the UK and US are 50%off!

Let’s celebrate 🙂

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FREE E-books 9-10th of April

Because Easter holidays are upon us, I made a couple of ebooks Free this weekend! Both about Forest! Great outdoors and indoors! You can download the e-books on Amazon! Only this weekend! Just type the title and choose kindle!



Reviews are always appreciated!

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Red Ribbon Winner!

I am so happy to announce that “Tree full of wonder” is a proud red ribbon winner of the wishing shelf award!

Here is some feedback: Readers’ Comments

“I think this book is excellent for helping children to understand how important trees are, and how we must try to help them grow.” Boy, aged 8

“A very enjoyable book for young children with a little tree-related education throw-in. The book was a good way of starting off a classroom chat on trees, nature, climate change, and how they produce oxygen.” Primary school teacher, aged 52

“This is the sort of book that will make children want to go out and hug a tree!” Boy, aged 7

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🗣 Calling all teachers, counsellors, therapists and parents – we know how much children’s mental health matters, so we are shining a light on a group of amazing and FREE ebooks that enhance children’s mental health and wellbeing!

💥 Once downloaded, this group of inspiring books will be yours to keep! We hope these resources help you with fun social and emotional learning activities this week and throughout the year!

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I’m not the one who gets bothered easily with reviews. I had my share of them and some I took on board and I improved my books, it’s a learning process. We are entitled to our personal opinion and I never comment on the reviews. But this one… This one got under my skin…

“No such Thing As “Climate Change”, It’s Weather. Childrens books shouldn’t include leftist propaganda such as “climate change”...

And it was interesting. I asked myself why it bothers me so much…
I wrote “Tree Full of Wonder” to give a voice to those who don’t have it. To show the unbreakable bond between people and trees. To allow children to fall in love with nature.
I believe in freedom of speech, the freedom of an individual to articulate their opinion. And maybe this person is right, maybe climate change doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s just a made-up phrase. I know that there is no one “truth”, that every truth is just a perception of someone’s world and even science can be subjective. I get that. But surely climate change should be our experience already. When you walk in the forest and when you walk in the city, the quality of air is different. The city is always warmer during summer, but it feels almost like artificial heat.… I mean, that’s real. It’s not made up.
And if we say “climate change” is not real, what will be next? Will we reject the idea of deforestation? Pollution of the oceans? Coral reefs dying around the world? Is it because we don’t want to see it? Because we are afraid of change?
And I think the time came when we must take the stand and start taking care of nature. Start facing the consequences of our choices. Even if it means a less comfortable life. Even if it means we must sacrifice some things we love. Because by stating that nothing bad happens to our natural world, we head towards a disaster. Saying climate change doesn’t exist also contradicts the lives of so many wonderful people who tried to open our eyes to the beauty of our world, of nature, and the damage we cause.
Sir David Frederick Attenborough
Dr Jane Morris Goodall 
Greta Thunberg 
Peter Wohlleben 
Many wonderful activists in the UK are trying to change our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. Their life mission is to find a more sustainable way of living. And I admire them for that. 
Are all those people wrong?
My conclusion is that if it means that my book includes leftist propaganda such as “climate change”, then I am proud of that. I am proud of imprinting children with ideas on how to improve the world we are living in. How to plant more trees and take care of our planet. And if that means I will get bad reviews like that, I am ok with it, because it’s for a good cause.
If you want to see for yourself, what the book is about, it’s  FREE only this weekend 19-21st FEB 2022, on Amazon with the link below:

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“Tree Full of Wonder” review!

I was just browsing the internet for my recent book “Tree Full of Wonder”, and I found this article! It’s a gem, beautifully written!. I don’t know this person but I am grateful for this beautiful review. Full article – Link below.

And here is just a small part: “Even at their tender age, young children are capable of understanding simple things in their surroundings. And, therefore, it’s important to teach them the value of the creatures they see, like the birds and the trees. The story starts with the little girl inviting the reader to explore their family garden. Specifically, she introduces her old friend, the tree. She further explains the nature of this big creation and how she nurtures it. And, not only that! The smart little girl also challenges her friends and the reader to identify the different kinds of trees. Join her and learn more about Nature’s creation around you. It’s fun!


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FREE Yogi superhero E-book!

Yogi Superhero e-book is FREE to download on Amazon until the 18th of January! Award-winning “Yogi Superhero” book introduces children to the magic of yoga. Beautiful illustrations and simple text allow your children to practice yoga at home. Keep your children active and mindful this January with the “Yogi Superhero” book.


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NEW BOOK – Launch 1st of December 2021

I can’t wait to share with you my new creation! This time it will be all about trees! Stay tuned in!

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Help your anxious kids become superheroes of serenity

“It’s said the average person has up to 70,000 thoughts per day. And that’s before you’ve thrown in arguments, train delays, and rainy days.

So, how do we have a hope in hell of combatting what nature gave us and calming the mind when it is essentially a giant mass of data processing?

Anna Smithers believes starting young is crucial to understanding our complex brains that desperately want to be free yet are tied down with the burdens of life.”

That’s how the latest article by Nadia Mendoza starts – to read more, click the link below.

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