Virtual School visit in China!

I’ve just had an amazing time visiting school in China. So grateful for technology! And here’s the report from the school:

Grades 1 to 4 students had the opportunity to listen to a bestselling and award-winning author from the UK, Anna Smithers, during the Minxin Curriculum time on 21st April.

Ms Smithers shared the process of how her book, Tree Full of Wonder, was developed. Students got an inside look at the author’s writing and editing processes, and even how the illustrations were developed from the first sketch to the final product. Ms Smithers then led the students to do some simple breathing and stretching exercises before reading her book. Students actively participated to answer Ms Smithers’ questions about their thoughts, observations, and what they knew about trees. She shared her love of nature, and encouraged students to also love and care for trees, providing practical ways to help protect the environment in our daily lives. Students enjoyed the lively and engaging session. Thank you so much to Ms Anna Smithers for the wonderful book reading and sharing!

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