Storybook Trail

When Katie from University Lake School wrote to me asking for permission to use my book in their outdoor story trail, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Their school is blessed with a wonderful outdoor area with lots of trees. But when she emailed me after I was so happy I agreed, the outcome was amazing 😍 and here’s what she wrote!

“I wanted to share the pictures from yesterday’s Grand Opening of our very first Storybook Trail!! The kids and families absolutely loved the book. In fact, when I asked one of the students what his best thing about his day was he said “Storybook Trail!!”. We are grateful for your permission to use the pages of your magical book. As you can see, it fits perfectly into our campus vibe!”

If you would like to use my book in a school setting, please do not hesitate to contact me! The mission is to make children to fall in love with nature!

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Tree planting!

Today we planted trees! With whole bunch of volunteers and @cheshirewildlifetrust ! There are still few days available in Nantwich. Check out eventbrite for your tickets!

I have counted that on printing 15,000 books we used 60 trees. I have planted over 200 today to offset it. As a group we have planted over 1000! Now we just need to make sure they’ll survive!

And obviously “Tree Full of Wonder” came with us!

What others ideas do you have to help our planet?

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Book for people from 1 to 99!

How old do you have to be to read my book about tree? Well, this little baby is only 5 months old and already falling in love with the book! Beautifully captured by a wonderful mum, who also happens to be a photographer! @rrosiero thank you so much for sharing those moments with me!
One of my review said it’s a book for children from 1 to 99 😂 what do you think?

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